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    Tim K's Journal

    Stats for 10/26/2009:
    Age: 43
    Height: 5' 6"
    Weight: 175 ~ 177 lbs

    My last powerlifting competition was back in 1986. I lifted in the 133-148 weight class. I took the class and overall win with a 960 lbs raw total. I really had no clue what I was doing and didn't have any 'equipment' aside from a thin leather bodybuilding weight belt. Ah... good times. Shortly after that competition I became more involved with motorcycle roadracing and lifting was placed on the back burner.

    Fast forward about a decade and half. I had gotten married, had a kid, went through college, started a career, and all those other things that make up a busy life. In addition, I live and work on a horse farm. Free time is rare.

    Once the daughter went to college I turned her room into a weight room and started over. By the time I hit 40 I was weighing 193 lbs and had a decent build.

    Shortly thereafter I tore my hamstring running after a loose horse. I got that healed and then strained my groin trying a sumo style deadlift. Being an idiot I didn't let that heal and tore it pretty good doing squats. I'm old, so it took awhile to get all of that straightened out.

    Once I got everything healed up I was back on the lifting wagon. Last November I decided to give bronc riding a try. I lasted all of a second (I'm being generous too) and ripped my biciptal tendon.

    During my off time I ballooned up to a whopping 198 lbs. This February I entered a Biggest Looser competition at work and dropped to 166 lbs in 12 weeks. Since then I've been slowly working my way back to health and heavy weights. My current routine is 5/3/1 and I've just started my 31st week.

    WEEK 31
    Standing Military Press
    Bar x 20
    70 x 5
    85 x 5
    100 x 3
    110 x 5
    125 x 5
    145 x 6

    Incline Bench
    135 x 10 x 3

    Tricep Pushdowns
    60 x 15 x 3

    BW x 10
    +25 x 5
    +45 x 3
    +25 x 5
    BW x 10

    BW = 179.8 lbs <- Too much beer and pizza this weekend.
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