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    Squats - 12" Box
    Bar x 10 - knee wraps
    135 x 5
    160 x 5
    190 x 3
    240 x 5
    270 x 3
    300 x 1 - added belt
    315 x 1 -13" box - added Centurion briefs for fun. Cut the box a little high.
    315 x 1 - 13" box - Got down to the box.

    Deadlifts - 1.5" deficit
    260 x 5 - used double overhanded grip and wrist straps
    295 x 3
    330 x 4 - PR

    Ab Pulldowns
    100 x 10
    80 x 24
    80 x 12 x 2

    Been feeling run down all day. Not much in the way of energy. It was hard dragging myself to the power rack. I got my prescribed reps on box squats and decided to reward myself with a little fun.

    I got a pair of Centurion Briefs at the beginning of December and have yet to use them. Today, I was going to bust my cherry - so to speak. I didn't think there was much chance of me getting down to 12", so I upped the box to 13" and gave it a go.

    My first attempt was high. I did a couple reps with nothing on my back to show myself I could hit the depth and my next set at 315 was cake. Squatting with briefs is a bit different.

    My left bicep is pretty tweaked. I used a double overhanded grip with wrist straps to take the strain of my bicep. I wouldn't have been able to deadlift otherwise. At the moment, grip isn't my problem. Raw strength is. I got some decent reps in and that was what really mattered.

    Despite feeling wiped out, I was able to hike just a bit north of vag and get some work down. Pops would be proud.
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