Warmup - bunch of warm up stuff concentrating on shoulders.

Bar x 20 bajillion
110 x 5
135 x 5
160 x 3
205 x 5
230 x 3
255 x 3 - tapped the J-hook on the 3rd rep.

Bench - Close Grip
135 x 10 x 3 - felt pretty easy

Kroc Rows
80 x 15 x 3

Face Pulls
50 x 15 x 2
50 x 20

BW = 184

My setup work is starting to pay dividends. I felt most 'comfortable' at 230. The weight felt heavy, but very easy. I could actually tell I had some leg drive on each rep. At 255 I started to move a tiny bit towards the head of the bench. I'm still having a bit of trouble driving my traps into the bench. Instead I'm driving towards the head of the bench. Might be because I'm short. Might be because I need to learn how to f'n bench. :lol:

I am starting to get a bit more flexibility in my back and legs. It really allows my to drive my heels into the floor. I'm able to bench with a flat foot, which I find more comfortable than when I'm on my toes.

I haven't hit 255 for 3 reps in over a year. I don't think it is an all time PR, but it is a recent PR. Probably a PR for my current bodyweight. I really wanted 4 reps, but I tapped the J-hook on the right side on my 3rd rep.

I felt decent with the last set, but I still have a lot to work on. I always rush to start my sets after unracking the weight. I need to let the weight 'settle' before I press. However, I always feel like I'm running out of air. Psychological problem. Means I'm crazy. I could also stand to be a bit tighter, especially in the shoulder area.

I also don't pause much at the bottom. I need to work on that. If I do a competition, I stand a chance of get red lighted because I'm not waiting for commands.

My left bicep feels pretty good. I'm practically pain free in the left bicep and shoulder. First time in over a year. However, I tweaked my right groin a little. Probably when I was climbing some pretty steep terrain in the upstate last week. In other words, situation normal, all f'ed up.

Deload week is next. I'll use my groove briefs on squats for protection.

I want to try my Titan Centurion Boxer Briefs next wave. I've had them since December and have yet to use them. Should be fun!