Warm up - shoulder flexibility stuff

Bench P.O.R.
Bar x 10
110 x 5
140 x 5
165 x 3
185 x 5
210 x 5
235 x 7
185 x 8 x 3 - close grip (half thumb length from smooth part of bar)

Kroc Rows (supersetted with pullups)
105 x 10 x 3

BW x 5 x 3

Face Pulls
50 x 15 x 3

BW = 184.4 (I weighed less when I worked out than when I woke up!)

Worked on the fence this morning. I'm having to replace all my 4" x 6" brace posts with 6" round brace posts or the government won't give me credit, which means I don't get paid. When I came home tonight, I discovered I over tensioned my bottom wire and broke it. Hope I just pulled a crimp out... Anyway, enough farm stuff.

Workout went well, all things considered. I didn't have a lot of energy this afternoon, so I took some time between my sets. I'm also bumping up the weights on my accessory lifts. I need to get stronger!

I'm feeling old and beat up tonight. Time to ice my elbow.