Warm-ups lots of mineral ice, prehab stuff concentrating on shoulders. Bicipital tendonitis is getting much, much better!

Bar x 10 - close grip
115 x 5
140 x 5
170 x 5
200 x 3 - P.O.R.
225 x 3
255 x 4 - PR added belt and wrist wraps. Setup was good. Felt like I had another left in the tank. Left biceps was pretty painful after this set.

BW = 203.8 lbs

Setup at 225 as okay but not ideal. Concentrated on getting tighter at 255. Setup was better and I had more leg drive (which still needs work). Felt great to pop 255 up for reps.

Left elbow was 'sore' for everything. Left biceps was pretty painful after my last set. It isn't hurt or re-injured, but it is pain. That means I'm headed for an injury. I decided to take my PR and run. Wife is thrilled I listened to my body for a change. I didn't tell her how long I debated about doing something else - even if it was only triceps push downs.

Pops adage, "more is not better; better is better," rang through my head as I bailed on the rest of my workout.