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Thread: Ultimate Combo Cutting Diet.. Opinions?

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    Ultimate Combo Cutting Diet.. Opinions?

    This was originally posted by WhitExBoY over at BB forums and I decided to copy and paste the thread over here to get some opinions. Diet seems a little out there but might still be beneficial.
    • 3 Week Ultimate Combo Cutting Diet!!!

      I've noticed the increasing number of "dieting" people on these boards lately all asking about the same questions, so I'm re-doing my last post on the 40-40-20 diet for those of you interested in losing weight and getting shredded. Here's some info on my personal diet, and keep in mind that I'm at 5% Bodyfat, so I'm sure that's enough evidence to support it.

      Look, to lose weight, you MUST speed your metabolism, maintain a lower calorie intake, and excercise. It's THAT simple, and here's how you do it. My FIVE NECESSITIES of the 40-40-20 Diet!!!

      1. Decrease your Calorie intake to 10-12 X Bodyweight (preferably 10)

      2. 40% of these Calories should come from Carbs, 40% from Protein, and 20% from fat. (1g Carb=4 Calories, 1g Protein=4 Calories, 1g Fat=9 Calories) Except on the Keto Days where you eliminate carbs (except post workout and veggies) and increase protein and fat.

      3. Schedule each of your meals evenly throughout the day, and eat 6 meals per day. The carbs should be hopefully consumed earlier in the day and in your post workout shake. Take ZMA before bed (on empty stomach) instead of eating another 7th meal, or have a casein shake. I alternate between harder training days. Casein shake if the training was intense, ZMA if it was moderately intense.

      4. Switch up your diet weekly to keep your metabolism on the GO! Never stick with the same diet for more than a week or else you'll plateau and level off your fatloss ability. I will include a sample schedule on bottom.

      5. Start now with Calories at 10 X Bodyweight, and the next week, if you're a lower weight, re-configure your calories to your NEW weight, not your old one, or keep decreasing about 500 Calories per week if you're extremely overweight. Do this until you reach your desired weight, and then keep your calories at 10-12 X Desired Weight.

      Here's the Schedule...

      Week 1+2 Mon-Wed (40-40-20 Diet) Thurs-Fri (Keto Diet) Sat (Carb Load AKA "CHEAT DAY!!!" Load on carbs, but don't go overboard!) Sun (Keto Diet..use up some of those extra carbs from Sat!)

      Week 3 Mon-Wed (Cyclical Keto=carbs after or before workout in food form) Thurs-Fri (Keto Diet) Sat (Load..same as before) Sun (Keto, same as before)

      Then it starts all over again. This is a 3 week diet that keeps your metabolism guessing, and moving at a faster pace rather than just plateauing and staying the same. Your fat loss would be limited if you didn't change up your diet constantly.

      I only do cardio twice per week, but I do it BEFORE my saturday cheat day so some of the extra crap I eat isn't stored as fat, then I do my next cardio session on Sunday, the day I switch back into keto...that way I burn off some extra carbs and fat that I took in on saturday, and what I didn't burn off in my cardio session, usually gets burned off through the day since I'm in Keto. Actually I hardly consider it keto on sunday because I just eliminate carbs, but I keep my fat percentage at around 20% still, and go back to 40-40-20 on Monday.

      Trust me, this diet works, and the whole aspect behind it is the Calories really, and the fact that I'm switching up the types of foods I eat through the different diets (Keto and 40-40-20). Also, for those of you who like to drink, cheat, or whatever...this diet is great because Saturday is a full cheat day, but Sunday is STRICT! That way you can BOOST your metabolism with all the extra calories in one day, then not have to worry because come Sunday you'll be burning it off through the strict dieting, and throughout the following week! Don't forget to load on Saturday!

      There you all have it, I hope I didn't forget anything, and if you're confused then just ask. I got down to 5% Bodyfat and I've stayed there while adding some muscle and it's working great. Once I got to 5, I only had to do cardio twice a week, which is great.

      On the days you do the 40-40-20 diet, remember that it's best to consume most of these carbs for breakfast, and after your workout. The rest should be during the first half of the day, and then eat veggies for dinner like I do.

      P.S. Keto and 40-40-20 diet both work great, and work even better when used in conjunction with one another!

    ... Again taken from Bodybuilding boards, lemme know what you think.


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    I'd like to know what this guys BF % was before he went on his diet.

    I don't think I could manage on 10-12 calories per lb of bodyweight unless it was for a very short time.

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    Yeah I always hear everyone say diet with 10-12 times your body weight. But when I started dieting I was 154 and 10-12x woulda been 1540-1848. That seemed to low for me so I just figured I'd experiment with about 2000-2200 cals, and it's been a month now and now I'm at 148, I don't think the 10-12 is a good way to figure your cals out, seems far to low unless your trying to lose fat AND muscle really fast.
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    Right. If you can afford to lose 5-10 lbs of muscle when you are dieting then you will get your bodyfat down.

    Average sized guys like me don't have that much muscle to throw away in the first place.

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    Actually I was eating around 11x my body weight and I was gaining strenghth and losing fat. I am starting again tomorrw. I was on it for about 6 weeks and lost 13 pounds and went up a lot on a lot of my weights. Been off for a couple of weeks to get rid of some cravings. I haven't gained but 1 pound so it wasn't bad, I just didn't eat clean.

    It's actually amazing how eating 11x BW for 6 weeks makes it hard to eat maintinance cals or even bulking cals.

    I was going to try something different, eating high cals on WO days and low cals on off days, but I found it too hard to eat 3000cals on WO days. My stomach got smaller or something, because it was hard to force 3000cals. You believe that ****???


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