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Thread: One for the older BB If I may

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    One for the older BB If I may

    I was not quite sure where to put this one but here goes

    At the grand old age of 47 aM I maybe expecting too much coming to bodybuilding.

    Your opinions on starting/succeeding in putting on some mass and progressing strength wise. I am also keen to hear from other "older members" experiences,the good the bad the uglyplease .



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    I'm 46 (right behind ya) and continue to make progress every month. I just have to train a little smarter and make sure I allow for enough recovery between sessions. What we lack in recovery ability, we make up for with patience and persistance.

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    There are many good bodybuilders in their 40's and 50's.

    As Off Road mentioned as long as you listen to your body and train smart you can make some outstanding progress.
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    I'm not quite as old, but I'm no spring chicken either. There should be no difference other than it takes a little longer.
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