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Thread: How do you deal with this ?

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    How do you deal with this ?

    I am just about recovering from a nasty bout of flu and feel like crap..obviously I havent eaten very much in three whole days and I must be dehydrated due the amount of fluid loss.

    Also my protein intake has been virtually non existent and I havent taken creatine for four days...and have losst about 4 pounds in weight

    What difference will the 4 days without creatine make ? will I need to take 10 grams for the next 4 days to make up.

    I am expecting my firsy session back at the gym to show strength losses as well.

    My question is how do you guys tackle issues of this nature..
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    It may take a few days or maybe even a couple of weeks for you to get back on track. The important thing is to never rush recovery from a sickness/illness; and there are a few tricks to help you to bounce back quickly once you are healthy.

    Have you been drinking pedialyte? It is very important to stay hydrated and this particular product is easy on your stomach. You can pick up a generic alternative from WalMart for around $3-4 and I would recommend drinking two containers (each is one quart).

    Gradually return to your regular diet and hold off on training until you have been back on your diet for about two days.

    Remember, getting big/strong/lean is a journey - a couple of days here or there will not have a large impact the big picture. The important thing is to stay consistent and disciplined.
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