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    Quote Originally Posted by snikez View Post
    Unholy is it that important to have the right macronutrient percentages if you want to avoid getting fat on a bulk, or losing muscle on a cut? Like is it alright if you just pay attention to calories, take high protein, and not take in that many carbs?
    I'm not a fan of percentages. As long as your getting 1g protein/lb of BW. Enough fats to keep your joints, brain, and sex drive happy. Enough carbs to perform well in the gym and minimize depletion you should be good. These numbers will clearly vary from person to person. For a 200lb male on a cut. 55/300/200 would be a good 2500 calorie macro breakdown with the carbs being eaten mostly pre/post workout. As far as bulking goes, I also feel that carbs tend to be better bargain than fat. I will slowly be bumping my macros from 55/350/210 up to 75/600/210.

    Quote Originally Posted by jaybiddyforeal View Post
    hey unholy... i've got a bunch of questions for ya. i'm 5'11" 153 right now with 12% BF. i used to weigh 166 with most of it being in pizza and beer. so i took it upon myself to get my body fat down and i am pretty satisfied with my results even though im not really sure what im doing lol.

    anyway, my ideal weight would be around 175 with 5% BF. i know im a long way away from this but im not sure how to go about getting there. the only supplements i currently take are fish oil and mega men multi vitamin (the powder) from GNC. and of course whey protein after i work out. ive read alot on here about the bulking/cutting cycles but there is just way too much information for me to digest.

    so my questions are

    1. How long do these bulking/cutting cycles last for?

    2. what exercises / how many days a week should i be working out doing during both?

    3. what should my diet be like during both? How many calories, fat calories, and proteins should i take in? is there anything i shouldn't eat?

    4. are there any other supplements you would deem absolutely essential?

    thanks for your help.
    Hey James, first off let me say congrats on making the choice to get in shape. You are off to a good start. Sounds like you need to do a little more reading and research since your questions are very vague. I would start by reading the stickies in the Diet and weightlifting sections. Go through some of the older threads on these subjects as they have been discussed to death. A lot of this is trial and error and seeing what works best for you. There is no right or wrong answer as far as bulk and cut lengths go. Same goes for what you should be eating and how you should be lifting.....

    Get a account, get a food scale, start tracking calories. Read read read.

    Edit: and I answered your last question 2 posts up you didn't even bother reading this Q & A before posting?

    Quote Originally Posted by soclydeza View Post
    lets say you're getting all your protein, carbs, fat, etc. thats neccessary. are theres foods that inhibit muscle growth that one should stay away from?
    Anything laced with Valium

    But seriously, not that I know of. I try to enjoy everything in moderation.
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