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    HG MMA ECA and all that

    Hello and thank you for checking this out. I hope you come back often.

    This is my first time ever blogging so here we go.....

    I wanted to start this thread as a way to both track and share my: workouts, training, and supplementation with everyone. My goal is to have a good record and a place to gather feedback from others.

    Lets get it started

    History: I started working out in the summer of 1996 while in high school. I would learn later what I did for the next few years was not working out but just hanging out in the gym. I got serious about working out after going through Parris Island with the Marines. I served in the reserves while going to college and that is where I started my love hate relationship with the gym.

    I did kickboxing and aikido for 8 years. I have not been a member of a dojo for a few years now and miss it. Currently I participate in the HG (Highland Games), which if you have never seen you 100% need to check it out sometime. They have been going on for a thousand years and are the traditional games of the Celtic peoples. Yes, I can read your mind; and no they dont involve drinking. The best way to picture HG is to think decathlon for strongman in kilts set in a St. Patrick’s Day party out on a green with a real cool bunch of people. - end of plug. I also have plans to join a MMA gym within the next few months. Most of my workouts are geared toward building strength for HG competitions and soon hopefully also getting into a MMA gym. I have a hard time moving away from Powerlifting as that was the basis for most of my strength training through 2005. From 2005 until now I have a laundry list of excuses but bottom line is I have been on again off again in the gym and I am determined to get back into my old routine of discipline and hard work.


    I have done an ECA stack before (read as 6 yeas ago back when you could just go to GNC and buy the real Xenadrine) and am working my way back on now. For the past three days I have done a LoCarb Monster and OJ with my breakfast (because I really dont drink anything caffeinated normally that has been a big RUSH) and this morning I started with one Primatene, for my asthma . I will see how it feels and increases dosage from here.

    Height 71", Weight 276lbs, Neck 18", Chest 52", Gut 43", Hips 41",
    Arms 17.5", Thighs (6"above knee) 22.5", Calfs 18", BF est. 25% ? - will have a friend of mine who is a trainer break out the calipers this week.

    I will post again soon with more info on what I am doing in the gym
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