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    Up early and working out at 24 hr gym with a friend...the plan was bench press and some shoulder work and than work in with my buddy for his normal tuesday morning workout. It was still not easy to get up super early and I am finding it tough to get in everything I want with sharing equipment and talking, but I will take the good with the bad, just been a while since I worked out with someone else.


    Warmup- tried to keep it more normal but didnt get it all in

    SMR- skip

    DM- Jumping Jacks to Y-Jacks to X-Jacks to Crossovers 15
    T-Circles to I-Circles 25

    MA- T-Roll Pushups 12, Reverse Burpees 12, LYTPU w/5lb DBs 10 each,
    Inside Crescent to Outside Crescent to Roundhouse Kick- skip

    CNS- Plyo Pushups-replace with speed pushups 25, 25

    Bench Press - yeah not with a machine but a real bar and bench!!!
    135*10, 185*8, 275*6, 275*3, 295*2, 315*1 - last rep was ugly so I didnt go for 320 or 345 which was my plan
    225*10 - burned it out and last few were ugly, I feel like since my last time on the "real" bench and getting down so much in weight that I have also lost a bit of strength... it also might be the 5am versus afternoon workout time

    Incline Bench Press - I can not remember the last time I did this and the movement took a bit to find again
    135*10, 155*10, 185*8, 205*6

    Military Press to Front Lat Raises to Side Lat Raises than a break 4 times:
    DB Seated Military Press 40*10, 60*8, 75*6, 85*5 - slow on last ones

    Front Lat Raises 20*10 for 2 sets, 25*10 for 2 sets

    Side Lat Raises 20*10 for 2 sets, 25*10 for 2 sets

    Rear Delt Machine - workout partner does it with an "open grip" pushing fron wrist bones on bars and I felt it much more in my delt this way, so I learned something new today
    100*10, 120*10, 120*9

    French Press to DB Curls than a break 3 times:
    French Press 65*10 for 3 sets - felt this a bit in my elbow but I think that is bc I normally only have the 50s to use

    DB Curls 35*10 for 3 sets

    Cool Down - light jog and stretching

    LATER ON......


    60 min fast walk - I wanted to join in one of the pickup soccer games but the fields were still real wet and no one was playing so I still made the best of the first sunny day in a few weeks.

    Chin-ups 4, 4, 4, 4, 4


    Cardio: ..... for 2/15/2010

    I forgot to mention it until just now but yesterday I also did a cardio session late in the day after the morning workout at the 24hr gym. I went back to that rockwall I previous have mentioned and owned that thing, with a now mostly healed up callus, and did about an hour session. Great sweat!
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