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Thread: Pulled My Hamstring

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    Pulled My Hamstring

    Hey guys today I was doing some sprints when I strained my hamstring on my very last set . This is my first time ever pulling a hamstring so I'm kinda a noob on treating them. I'm assuming I should probablly skip my M.E. lower session on friday? How long can i expect to be off of it until it heals? Is there anything I can do or take to help it recover faster (tissue work, stretching / supps)? Also what can I do to try and prevent this from happening again? I thought I had warmed up pretty sufficiently prior to my sprints.. Please only post advice if you are a knowledgeable member (no offense...) . Thanks in advance guys.

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    I think if you really pulled that hammy you wouldn't even be thinking about your next ME session...

    Ice, and see a doctor if you think it's appropriate. Those would be the first steps I'd take.
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    I don't think I really pulled it badly, just more of strained / tweaked it... I was about 30 yds into my 40 yd sprint wen i felt a sharp pain so i immediately stopped. The pain already subsided quite a bit over the past few hours so I guess all I can do is just ice / and wait

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    my best advice and i think its the best...just stay off of your feet...let it heal on its own while doin slight stretches...other than that just chill as much as u can...

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    I pulled mine a couple of months ago doing leg curls after box squats.Ice and a neoprene wrap helped.I wear the wrap still and it has healed up enough to start DL again.It took about a month for it to get better.Most hamstring pulls take a long time to heal and really shouldn t be rushed or you will reinjure it.

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    I legitimately pulled my hamstring and piriformis in June and nearly had to miss work for a few days. I still can't squat all the way down and probably won't be able to do max effort squats or deads until at least after the New Year's. If you really pulled your hammy, you should go to the doctor to get physical therapy. I thought I could do it on my own and suffered for months until I went to the doctor and little while ago and it is finally starting to heal.

    The big mistake I made was trying to work out hard and "work through it." What the PTist is going to tell you is lots of stretching and bodyweight exercises. I had 2 PTists tell me that the effectiveness of e-stim and ultrasound were still being debated about and the best thing for me would be some rest, lots of stretching and light exercises to my tolerance.

    Good luck and hope it heals soon!
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    Quote Originally Posted by n4rd0 View Post
    This is my first time ever pulling a hamstring
    Enjoy the ride bro, those things that dont kill you (in this case, pain) is what makes you stronger!
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