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Thread: Tropical Pursuit of L337N3$$!

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    Tropical Pursuit of 1337N3$$!

    First off, I would like to say hello to everyone who might take the time to read up on my log. I appreciate the curiosity and any pointers or advice that may be thrown my way. Let me introduce myself first: My name is Christian Sobrino from San Juan, Puerto Rico. I am training to compete in the local Puerto Rico Powerlifting Federation, affiliated to the IPF.

    I have one push/pull meet under my belt and am currently training for my first full three lift meet in February-March. I will be competing in the 242# weight class.

    If anyone has any questions regarding the template and system I use, ask away. I am training right now to achieve a solid strength base and on the idea that I have neglected solid repetition work. So the focus of this upcoming cycle will be basic repetition and progressive overload on basic lifts. Enjoy.
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    lol you're oozing teh 1337! i'm impressed with the amount of GPP you have going on here, any reason beyond being a well rounded athlete?
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