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    GoodyGirl's Lean Mean Machine Journal

    This is the very first post for my Journal. A little bit about me: I grew up loving sports and began playing soccer at age 16. My first and only ever field position was goalkeeper, primarily because no one else volunteered to play that position. That appealed to me instantly. The fact that no one else wanted to play there made it appear like a frightening task and it became an immediate challenge for me. No one else wanted to do it so I thought I would show them how it was done! I loved it. I also used to compete in a local swimming competition until around age 14. Each year at school, I won the Swimming Age Champion trophy. My broad shoulders and back made this an ideal sport at the time, but short, explosive distances were my passion, or at least what I was best at.

    I remember hitting the gym casually around about age 16 to lift some weights for fun and increase my fitness. These were my first experiences in the male dominated gym world, but I enjoyed it even though it was at times very intimidating. Studying the science of Human Movement was eventually what I decided I would love to do upon leaving school and off I went to University to complete an Exercise Science degree. 2 days after graduating, I ruptured discs in my lower back and after years of ongoing severe back pain, I needed an operation in 2002 to replace those ruptured discs with artificial ones. 3 ruptured discs were later discovered in my neck after chronic episodes of neck pain and one of those discs was also replaced with a titanium insert in 2004. Throw in a sudden ruptured brain aneurysm needing an emergency craniotomy in 2002 and then 2 children in the ensuing years and exercise and any job prospects took a back seat!

    Anyway, here I am now, 6 months into my gym membership. I have lost 12kg (26lb), gained muscle and strength and am looking to continue my weight training. Am currently 73.6kg (162lb). I am slightly limited in which exercises I choose to do to avoid exacerbating my existing back and neck conditions.

    Where do I want to be further down the track? I'm really not sure yet. I want to become more muscular, that's for sure. I like the look and feeling of being muscular. How big? Not grossly huge but athletically muscular and leaner. I would like to have visible abs for the first time in my life! And when I get them, you'll all be the first to see them! I still want to look feminine and not manly. I'm doing this naturally. I have already had some ignorant friends and others assume because I have made great gains in strength and muscle that I must be taking something. It's not possible for a girl to get big muscles they say. I don't judge those who do use steroids or other growth promoting substances, it's all a personal choice, but it's not something I am interested in at all.

    Some people have massive misconceptions about girls and weights. I have already had one lady in the gym tell me “You need to stop!”. That's not going to make me stop. That just gives me more drive! Silly woman. A lot of people who do not exercise do not understand why girls would ever enjoy lifting weights. Most of them are in terrible shape, maybe it's just a jealousy thing? That's why I love the gym so much. The boys on the gym floor understand and can appreciate the hard work and dedication. Girls lifting decent weights also understand, but some of those that steer only towards cardio equipment, stare and appear to make superficial judgements. It's written all over their faces, sadly.

    Anyhow, I plan on posting my workouts here, diet stuff, results, thoughts and questions and maybe photos too. I am already feeling more motivated by joining this forum. I'm going to see what is possible with my body and test my limits. So far, it's been immensely satisfying for mind and body. I have added some albums already to my profile. I will continue to add more as time progresses to show results. Thanks everyone in advance for reading my journal and for any future contributions and advice.

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    GoodyGirl's Lean Mean Machine Journal

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