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Thread: Deadlift 495 @160 lbs PR

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    Thanks for all the responses everyone. I really appreciate it and it's threads like this that renew my confidence in the support and community of these forums. Proud to have been a member here for over 5 years now. You guys ****in rock, as always.
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    Definately impressive as hell for 165 lbs.!!!

    I don't think shutupandsquat was trying to do anything but help. I used to have a tendency to point form errors out too, but I don't do that anymore, because people could take it the wrong way.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Flynn View Post

    EDIT: shutupandsquat arent you the guy that critiqued the 470x20 squat? Amazing.
    sorry but i don't understand what's the point. Probably i expressed myself in not an ideal way. What i said was: congrats for the lift but your form wasn't strict. I never said this wasn't impressive or that he sucks, or whatever.
    When i judge myself i'm even more severe.

    next time i'll try to post something more popular.
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    That was a badass lift to watch. It was great lifting with you two.

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    When do I get to lift with you fellas? :-(

    I live in Denver.

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