Hi Tom, well ive been lifting for almost 2 years now and have had good size/strength gains. Anyways ive recently joined the Marines and leave for boot on June 7th. I want to get into great cardio shape for this but still keep all my strength and most of my size. Ive put together a routine for myself based on my situation, i would really appreciate ANY critiques or suggestions that you may have...thanks a lot.

Sunday – Back/Abs
Deadlift – 4 sets (8,6,4,2)
Chins (or lat pull) – 4 sets
Machine Rows - 4x6-10
Shrugs – 1 x failure
Ab Machine – 2x15
Lying Leg Raises – 2 x failure

Monday – Chest/Triceps
Flat Barbell Bench – 4x6
Incline Dumbbell Press – 3x8
Dips – 3 x failure
Machine Decline Press – 3x6-8
Skull Crushers – 3x8
Tricep Pushdown – 2x8
*3 mile run later that night

Tuesday – Out of gym
Intense swimming and miscellaneous ab work

Wednesday – Legs
Squats – 5x5
Calf Raises – 3x12
Straight Legged DL – 3x6
Lying Hamstring Pulls – 3x8
Leg Extensions(quads) – 2x6-8

Thursday – Shoulders/Biceps/Abs
Dumbbell OH Press – 4x6-8
Reverse Pec Deck- 3x8
Front Raises – 3x12
Barbell Curls – 4x8
Hammer Curls – 3x10
*Repeat abs like Sunday
*Intense swimming

Friday – Out of gym
5 mile run

Saturday – Out of gym
3 mile run and intense swimming