Do you have any ideas of how to incorporate some strongman training into 5-3-1. I compete in both pl and strongman. Right now I am doing
Sun- Log 5-3-1, Oh 5x10, Upper back, tris, bis, grip
Mon-Squat 5-3-1, quads, hams, lats, calves, grip
Tue- Axle Power Clean 5-3-1, db snatch, abs (3 exercises)
Thur- Bench 5-3-1, Inc bench, Upper back, tris, bis
Fri- DL- 5-3-1, Lats, Abs, Traps, Calves, Grip

I have access to barbells, dbs, log, axle, 2 stones, farmers walks, sled, prowler, sandbag, power rack with pullup. Some days I use my gym at work and that has all the basics. My lifts are Squat- 480, DL 565, Bench 360, Log 242 right now I am weighing 200 at 5'9. I am looking to add in some strongman exercises (when the weather permits here in NJ) but keeping a good balance of gym lifts too.

Also, I live in NJ by edison if you are ever over here you are welcome to come train in my basement/backyard.