I've been reading quite a bit about cardio now and it seems to be a "necessary evil" if you want to get shredded. Now, thanks to genetics i "easily" get lean muscle mass. Don't get me wrong i work my ass off in the gym, but i seem to get bigger faster than most people.

But ofcourse i also stack some fat, but let's say if i work my abs twice x week i seem to get more definition as well so i never really concidered cardio. I asked one of the trainers at my gym tho and he said i shouldn't do more than 15 minutes.. now in all the articles i've read (ok these are guys that have been in the busines for AGES) but they all do half an hour, an hour or even two hours ofcourse depending on if they have competitions or not..

I also just read an article about instictive training, you need to figure out what's best for your body etc..but still i was wondering..how many minutes should i do cardio? i've read it doesn't matter when you do it..just do it whenver you feel like you can handle it (after a training or something)..

i don't want that fibery shredded look, but my muscles could use a bit more tone, so i was wondering if it was possible to do this without losing any muscle mass or having to intake +more calories..i'm also planning on getting a muscle pump supplement so i was wondering if low cardio is sufficient then..

i want to improve my endurance get a little tone and not lose any muscle, also, high intensity cardio or just normal?

thank you.