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I was thinking about implementing the FST in the way that, let's say for example my back; 3-4 different exercises, but heavy 4 x 8 and then finish of with a machine for 7 x 12 or would that be an overkill for my back? I'm talking upper back right now. I'm looking for somewhat of a "perfect" combination between gaining some mass and increasing my muscle volume and the "condition" of my muscles, i don't know if that's what you call it?

I must say, i've always kind of neglected decline work, mostly because the only decline bench in my gym is attached to a bench; next time i'll take the bar out and grab some dumbells and give it a shot to see if i get some nice results. The main reason why i implemented dips was to hit the "inner" part of my chest a bit more, because incline and cross-overs aren't really getting the work done..

Well, i've heard nothing but good about Nitric Fuel tho', and it's kind of too late to get a sample because i already got a bottle haha! I've tried things out before and got nothing but good results i'll just wait and see i suppose. Alot of people are saying it is the new creatine?

Another thing i was wondering about, concering supplements, when do you take em? Cuz one thing says 60-90 minutes before training, but somewhere else you read 30 minutes..I've hear people say it kicks in after 20 mins or so, so i suppose i'll give it a try..

right now for my shoulder workout i do seated db presses and then front raises, side raises and another isolation exercises for the rear delts. i think the biggest difference is in the side muscle of my shoulder in my right shoulder i can see an extra muscle? that i can't see in my left and the right side is a big thicker as well i suppose because i used to "swing" the dumbells when i did side raises, now i'm performing them with correct form. i'm still looking for a good one arm isolation exercise for my rear delts tho, i've been trying:



http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7CGp-HUz5uI (the second exercise at 5:50)

I can't say it enough, i really really appreciate the help i get here, especially from you. It's always nice to hear advice from experienced people instead of just reading an article. If i visit america i'll buy you a beer! And if you're ever competing in a strong man that's being aired on tv let me know!
Shemz -

Combining FST-7 with power training could provide you with good balance, as long as you are careful not to overtrain. I would drop the 'FST' part in favor of traditional training where you are using relatively heavy weights in the 6-10 rep range while taking 1-2 minutes of rest between sets. You can then finish off with the '7' part of the program to really exhaust your muscles and provide a 'conditioning' aspect while also increasing overall training volume.

Here is an example of what a Back workout might look like:

Shemz Back Workout:
Chins (or) Weighted Chins - 3 sets of 8
One-Arm DB Rows - 3 sets of 8
T-Bar Rows - 2 sets of 10
Close Grip Pulldowns - FST-7 's "7" (7 sets of 12 w/ 30 seconds rest)

In terms of decline work for Chest, a lot of people seem to neglect it not realizing that it is the most effective way to target your pectorals. You can use a barbell or dumbbells and you should also find that it provides a good overload since you can handle more weight on Decline than you can on Flat Bench.

Regarding the Nitric Fuel, it does contain creatine but not enough for it to be an effective dose. It does contain Beta-Alanine which stacks well with creatine. Since you already have the Nitric Fuel I would recommend stacking it with a good quality Creapure Creatine Monohydrate and perhaps some caffeine for training energy support.

The directions on Nitric Fuel instruct you to take six tablets 30 minutes prior to training. I would agree with this protocol as the tablets will take some time to break down. You do typically want to eat a balanced meal about 60-90 minutes before training and then take your pre-workout supplements 15-30 minutes prior to your workout. This can vary depending on your goals and specific supplements that are being used.

I cannot access Youtube videos on my work computer, but for rear deltoid isolation movements I would recommend face pulls or reverse cable flyes (I prefer to do the cable flyes one arm at a time).

Let me know if there is anything else that I can help you with and when I am on my other computer I will check out the videos that you posted.