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Yeah, that's kind of how i designed my new workout, i tried it out this week and i think it worked well, had a good recovery so, i'll see if it gives me good results. For my back, the chin ups, i'm following an article that was posted on this website, to do rep per rep till you reach 30 with +-15 sec rest between the reps, it hasn't stopped me from performing my other back exercises with their normal weight tho; and i've never stalled in the past, but when i'm trying out something new i'm always a bit worried that i might be overtraining.

I think i might be overtraining my arms tho, because on, for example, back and bicep day i do FST after my back exercises, but also after my bicep, so maybe i should only perform the FST part on big muscle groups

decline benching went very well, one of my favorite new exercises haha

as far as the Nitric fuel goes (in combination with caffeine), it's a great boost, tried it out with this workout and i was able to increase the weight on all exercises with quite a few lbs, i'm just hoping it has +- equal results on the 'volume' part.

thanks alot for your time! i'm taking a rest week starting monday, finished my exams going on holiday with gf, after that i'm gonna fully dedicate myself to this 'new' way of training and i'll let you know if it has given me decent gains.
If you are training Back and Biceps on the same day then I would just ditch the FST-7 all together. You can come up with your own variation for biceps training and do something like (5) sets of 10 with one minute rest between sets as your primary biceps training (followed by maybe a couple of sets of preacher/concentration curls if you wanted to add them in).

The article that you are talking about 'Leave Lat Pulldown Land and Build a Bigger Back' does provide you with a good protocol for training.

I am glad to hear that you liked the Decline Bench Press; let me know if there is anything else that I can help you with.