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Well considering im on a calorie restricted diet. Do you think this+a complex+aerobic running+WS4SB is to much?

Im go nna do them on my two rest days on the weekend on and on dynamic lower+repition and rest day. Sound alright? By the way that friend i have that im in compeition just whooped me hardcore on the deadlift...hes a bit better at bench and squat then me, but he is pretty damn good at deadlift, did 295 his first time and he squats 205 for a 3RM, is there like something wrong with him lol?
It would be too much to do GTG, Complexes, Running, and WS4SB all at once. You should pick and choose the forms of exercise that will provide you with the most benefit (sometimes referred to as training economics). It is important to make sure that you have one day of nothing but rest. From there the number of sessions would depend on volume and intensity but I would probably keep cardio and weight training at 4-5 sessions each per week.

Some people naturally have better leverages for certain lifts. The first time that I bench pressed I could lift well over my bodyweight and the first time that I squatted I could squat more than 2X bodyweight. Usually the deadlift favors individuals who are tall with long arms and a short torso. Have you tried pulling sumo? (if conventional is not comfortable for you).