Hey Tom,
I've just recently started reading your posts and training logs and it looks great and it's very interesting! I have looked at your Hypertrophy Cluster Training (HCT-12) log and your 3-DAy split post and those seem pretty promising. I'm really interested in getting bigger, stronger, and faster (who doesn't?) for football and I was wondering if you could suggest or write me a good program.

Here are some of my infos:
-I wanna get bigger, stronger, and faster for football
-Training for about four years, two seriously
-Previously, I used the 5x5 program and had great results
-Weight 200 lbs
-Height 6'2
-Bench: 275
-Squat: 405
-Deadlift: 385 (injured my back previously so I couldn't do much)
-Currently, I'm more focused on getting gaining some mass
-I play defensive end