Hey Tom,

Its awesome how eager you are to help all these people. Was wondering if you could help customize a workout routine for me as well as any diet/supplement advice.

I started with a beginner routine over at bb forums posted by all pro that was 3x per week full body. It was alright, did it for 3 months but got bored of it and wanted a split. What I like about that routine was that he outlined a steady progression. I am not sure what type of progression I should be shooting for. I saw some different version in one of your posts over at BB forums one included dual progression.

I am 6 foot 1 about 175. Looking to gain 15 lbs of lean dense muscle. Right now I really am only interested in hypertrophy. I can make it to the gym 4x per week. I feel like my chest, traps and calves and forearms are my lagging body parts. Also curious about how often I should do abs (routine? exercises?) and cardio (if any). I play hockey once a week which might be good enough.

I feel like recently I hit a plateau but it might be due to having no set progression scheme or routine. My muscles seem to fatigue very quickly. For example incline bench I will do 1 set of 10 reps struggling on the last one and then it seems I can only get 7 reps on the next set no matter if I drop the weight by 10 or 30 lbs. I appreciate any advice you can give.