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I have been on the forum for a while now and see you help alot of people with goals/training ect.
I just started a journal but my workout is all over the place.
Would you be able to help me set up a program for my goals?

I'm weighing about 77kg right now and just short of 5/8, about 19-20% body fat I would say (I have posted pictures in the picture section). My overall goal is to hit about 85kg. My short term goal is 80kg.
When I first started training about a year ago I was around 64kg, so I'm happy with my progress but its got to a point now where I need a routine, I have had no specfic routine to follow and "Off Road" has already advised me I'm hitting the same body parts to soon and it needs mixing up. I have also never really trained my core which could be a problem?

I train at home in my garage, I have a fair bit of equipment.
Bench (can do incline but no decline)
Barbell (10kg)
ez curl bar
12kg kettlebell
weight plates *- 4x0.5kg - 4x1.25kg - 4x.2.5kg - 4x5kg - 2x7.5kg - 4x10kg - 2x15kg
Ab roll out wheel
Stationary bike
Push up bars
and lots of boxing equipment i.e gloves mitts bag and skipping rope.

Only problem is NO squat rack!

My numbers are as follows (max reps)

Bench 100kg
Deadlift 120kg
Squat ???
Overhead 55kg
Barbell row 70kg
Barbell curl 45kg
Close grip bench 70kg

Would you be willing to help me set up a routine?
I would be very greatful.

I have had a look at all the routines on here but not sure which one is for me? They all include the squat which clearly is a big movement but like I said I got no rack.

Anything that you would need to know just ask!

Thank You

If you can overhead press 55 Kg then that means that you can at least get that amount of weight into position for a squat, so you may want to try a high-rep squat program (20-rep, etc.).

Since you are at a point where consistency and work ethic are going to make the biggest difference I would just look for a program that is balanced and easy to follow. Do not worry about a lot of complex exercises or protocols - just focus on pushing yourself and allowing for ample recovery when necessary.

I have a 3-Day and 4/5-Day template posted in this thread which may be of interest to you, but there are plenty of other good options out there as well. My advice would be to choose a program that is written by someone reputable, and then I can help you to tweak things to meet your specific needs/objectives.

Hope this helps.