Hey guys. I'm finally looking to get into some gear but I'm curious if I'd get much out of a squat suit when it comes to deads. I pull conventional and my stance is pretty narrow so I'm not sure how much good a suit would do. One of the guys I lift with pulls real similar to me and he said when he wears a squat suit it helps keep his back straight but doesn't do much other than that.

I was originally planning on getting some good briefs and a single ply shirt, but if I could get a few extra pounds on deads out of a suit I'd go that route instead of briefs. As you guys know, this stuff isn't cheap so I can't really afford briefs/suit, shirt, AND a deadlift suit.

Also, I'm sure this gets asked a ton, but what would you guys recommend for a first time shirt and suit/briefs? (single ply for both) Budget is around $300 for now.