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Thread: New excercise discovered at the gym!!

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    New excercise discovered at the gym!!

    Out of convenience I was working out last night at 24hr fitness, instead of the powerlifting gym. And I saw these kids performing an exercise that may possible change the way that we see training. They were doing a sumo stance, semi stiff legged clean. There was a little leg bend on the way down, so it kinda incorporated a sumo stance good morning. And since there was only 30lbs on the bar, the bar travel was exceptionally long. You may be thinking WTF! But seriously, they worked more muscles in that one movement than I work in 5 movements. It was truly an innovation I have never seen before. I swear these kids are the future, period.

    Crossfit may adopt it for their games next year.

    5'6" 195#
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    BP 280ish
    SQ 400ish
    DL 495ish

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    sounds very technical and awkward

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