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Thread: Flat Bench - soreness location

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    Flat Bench - soreness location

    I have noticed that whenever I do flat bench with barbell I always get sore in my front delt/shoulder area and never get sore on my pecs. But when I do bench with DB's I get sore on my pecs and not my delts. Are any of you guys the same or is it just me. I think a lot of it stems from my technique on FB with BB where I tuck my elbows alot and on DB I tend to flare my elbows more.
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    So what's the problem? Is your main priority getting a big bench, or building up your pecs?
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    In ever get sore in my pecs, even though mine are pretty beefy compared to the rest of me. This is how it has been for as long as I remember. I think its pretty much genetics. I DO get very sore in the delt region though.
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    Raw I get sore in the pecs, shirted I feel it in the upper back and a little in the triceps.

    With dumbells in the pecs and front delts.
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    I just get sore.
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