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Thread: Favorite Day at the Gym

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    Squat day without a doubt!

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    I'm currently doing the WBB routine 3.
    The first day is brutal, and it's kind of a love-hate thing.
    I love pull-ups.
    I hate doing bench, pullups, deadlifts, rows, dips, and incline press, all in the same workout.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cold_steel View Post
    My Favorite is the Squat/Bench/Deadlift of SS. I hate powercleans lol.
    This is me exactly! I love doing Bench and Deads! Especially Deads,the feeling of just moving a lot of iron is awesome! I also like the feeling after A workout day! I am tired after B workout but after a day of PR's of Squat,Dead and Bench followed by 3 sets of dips I feel like I have been beatin with a ball bat! It feels like progress!
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    Loves working my arms...vein I know.

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    ME Bench because I get to put on the shirt and press loads of weight. Nothing but shirted PR's these past sessions, so far so good.

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    Well I'm weak as hell right now due to a nagging pains from a broken knee, but deadlift day was always my favorite. Something about the simplicity of the movement and the potential weights people can lift with it. My posterior has always been my weakest from lots of sitting and computer use, and felt like that lift basically hit all my weaknesses at once, felt great. Plus its my favorite lift, because either you stand up with it or you dont. No depth/bouncing/width/range issues and whatnot. Again, the simplicity(of the idea of the lift, form takes a bit of tweaking)
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    i love all squat variations especially box squats.
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    I'm on SS...anyway I used to like bench day because I love benching and dips, but then my deadlift caught up with the rest of my lifts, and now I can't stand that day. I guess it would make more sense for me to say which exercises I hate...which are deadlifts, oh presses, and pullups. I think my lagging muscles are my back and shoulders :P
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    w/o a doubt any kind of heavy pulling. Back in the day it was killing myself in the squat rack. I remember a couple hard squat sessions where I was laying practically dead in the rack unable to walk away. At one of my old gyms I had to walk through a office building and then down a long decline to the parking lot. Some times I didn't think I would make it my legs would wobble so much. Those were the days. I really like anything but arms. Never cared for arm training.
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    Currently my favorite day is Friday when I do ME squat and bench. My numbers have been going up every week and I feel like I'm in a groove and I can keep this trend for a while. Hopefully I'm not jinxing myself.

    Hitting a PR at 6am in the morning just makes the whole day good.

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    It use to be chest day, but now I really feel my body scream when deadlifting.

    This exercice is amazing on what it does on your body.
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    Arms and shoulder day by far is my favorite. Probably because I can match or lift more on those bodyparts than most people in my gym lol. Makes me feel strong.
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    Since I came to this site, I learned to love the Squat day. I do it on Monday and it's my heavy day, so I feel damn strong when I can put "a lot" of weight on my back. It feels good!!! It's so awesome being dizzy and being forced to seat down to rest hahaha after that squat. I never knew what serious muscle was, until I came to this place!!!

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    I like pullups because I'm a little bastard and I only get to feel strong when I put 50lbs on my belt and do a few reps.
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