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Thread: Why is GVT so effective?

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    Why is GVT so effective?

    It seems like you would get too overtrained on a routine like that. Im not sure if thats the point or not, but it looks like its no joke. I did some digging around on here and saw that a good number of members have done it and made great strength gains. Im not sure how thats possible with that much volume and the light weight you need to use but it really got my interest. I might consider doing that routine after I make all the progress possible on the routine im on now.
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    Sorry, cant answer your question. But I just wanted to chime in and say.....Squats and GVT are downright brutal.

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    After you stall on a certain routine, you need a change to keep progressing. The change can be as simple as using a different grip or a different set/rep scheme. That change can also be dramatic, such as changing your routine completely, like the GVT.

    Volume training does work. How well it works depends on how advanced you are. Even a beginner can make gains on volume training, but the gains will slow and stop quickly for most beginners.

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    It's simply the huge volumes of work you do. I'm sure it's fairly easy to overtrain with as well, especially if your rest, diet, etc... aren't in order. It's also typically used as a relatively short phase of training, not a long-term training program (at least as I understand things). Your body can adapt to big stressors for short periods of time, but can't do it indefinately.
    Other programs focus more on intensity as the driving force for getting stronger (ME work with Westside or Bulgarian WL training).

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    There are three different ways to reach failure. You can use heavy weights for low reps and strength will be your limiting factor, you can use a lighter weight for maximum reps and strength endurance will be the limiting factor, or you can test your overall work capacity and ability to handle volume with a program like GVT.

    Performing 10 sets of a compound movement is a great way to grow, and because of the short rest periods this program is exhasting and challenging. Programs like GVT and DC training are both quite effective for hypertrophy and strength.
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    It is effective when you progress each workout and also eat like a horse. It really isn't anything to get too excited for as far as gaining strength is concerned.

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