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    6'3, Male, 26 years old
    June 2009: 225lbs, pic:
    November 2009: 200lbs, pic:

    Primary: drop down to 185-190lbs
    Secondary: maintain the little muscle I currently have, adding a little would be a bonus

    Summary: I've always been a fat kid. I dropped roughly 100lbs (300 to 200) through help from this website about 5-6 years ago. Then I met a girl, graduated college (no more free/close gym), had to live in the real world with responsibilities, and got married. That lead to steadily decreasing physical activity and increased eating. Slowly went back up to 235lbs. Over the last 2 years I would drop a few pounds here and there, but nothing serious.

    Late June I decided I was sick and tired of being fat. I began running (jogging) and watching what I eat a bit. Ive dropped a decent amount of fat but can tell I lost a bit of muscle as well (not that I had much to begin with). Also, I've hit a wall. I haven't lost any weight in over a month. A lot of this probably has to do with my diet being completely crap.

    A week ago I joined a gym, began the SS routine, and will continue with some running. Figured this would be a good spot to log the weights I am using (getting hard to remember them all). Please do laugh it up, I am insanely weak. I am currently using ETS, Thermocin, Multi-Plus, and Nitrean. I am attempting to correct some of the numerous faults of my diet. Namely eating some sort of a breakfast, eating more continuously throughout the day, and being semi-focused on eating some protein. Trying to consume 2000cal/day.

    I thought I would be skinnier at 6'3 200lbs, but I attribute that to some of my weight loss being muscle. I am certainly still holding a good amount of fat in my chest, stomach, and love handle areas.

    Thursday 10/29
    Squat: 135lbs, 5x3
    DB Bench: 50lbs (per hand), 5x3
    Deadlift: 185lbs, 5x1
    Treadmill HIIT: messing around for approx 15 minutes trying to figure out speeds/inclines

    Friday 10/30
    Treadmill HIIT: 2% incline, 6 one minute intervals of 8mph/4mph, final 2min at 8mph

    Saturday 10/31
    Squat: 145lbs, 5x3
    BB Shoulder Press: 85lbs, 5x3
    BB Rows (subbed for Power Cleans): 95lbs, 5x3

    Sunday 11/1
    Outside slow 2 mile jog

    Monday 11/2 Morning weigh in: 199lbs
    Squat: 155lbs, 5x3
    DB Bench: 55lbs, 5x3
    Deadlift: 190lbs, 5x1
    Treadmill HIIT: 2% incline, 4 one minute intervals of 8mph/4mph, final 1:30 at 8mph

    Tuesday 11/3
    Very slow 2 mile jog outside

    Wednesday 11/4

    Thursday 11/5
    Squat: 165lbs, 5x3
    BB Shoulder Press: 90lbs, 5x3
    BB Rows: 100lbs, 5x3
    Treadmill HIIT: 2% incline, 4 one minute intervals of 8mph/4mph, final 1:30 at 8mph

    Today was by far the best day since I began SS. The squats absolutely murdered my legs the first week, especially my glutes/hams. The weight had been feeling heavy (and is obviously NOT heavy) and the overall motion had been feeling plain weird. Today the weight felt much lighter and I felt in the groove form-wise.
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