thanks for the support fellas!

Friday 1/8

Saturday 1/9 and Sunday 1/10
went skiing

Monday 1/11 Morning weight: 202lbs
Squat: 220lbs, 3x5
OH Press: 115lbs, 3x5
BB Row: 135lbs, 3x5
Pull-up negatives: 3 or 4
Abs: weighted situps, 35lbs, 1x12

went up in squats and had a tough time but made it. hit my previous sticking point on the OH Press of 115lbs. it wasn't easy, but i didn't rest a ton between sets and was never concerned that i wouldn't make it. rows were solid and will be going up to 140 next time. i threw in a few pull-up negatives at the end. i can't even do 1, at least not at the end of my work out (i can do a chin-up though), so i've been doing some negatives once in a while. i'd really like to be able to do them one day.