Well I'm going to put it short. The weights given does not include the bars weight, only the plates.

I'm on SS. When starting SS (Oh my it must be about 9/10 weeks ago) my squat went up for about 4 weeks almost each session, aswell as my deadlift. My bench however has increased a little bit, but by no more than 5 kg for a 5 reps x 3 sets (when started I could do 40kg). I can push 50kg but only for about 3 reps if I let the bar touch my chest. I'm currently at 45kg.

My squat stalled for the again, this time on 65kg. I deloaded for the second time and today I struggled with 60kg. It seems I just can't break past this point. My deadlift however has gone up session after session. Sometimes I did both deadlift days in a week with the same weight (When you are in Workout A's week), just to not exert myself. Today I pulled 120kgs, okay I'm going to be honest I had about 3 - 5 seconds rest between reps, just to set up again and catch a breath and I only pulled out 4 reps (there was a bit of back rounding, but nothing uncomfortable or excessive. But in the previous session I pulled 115kg for 4 reps in the same manner, so I definetly advanced my weight.

Now, why would my deadlift go up, but my other lifts not. Like I said my bench just seems to hover where it is now. I thought it was form, but my squat and bench form seems fine. Then I thought diet? My bodyweight is increasing bit by bit every week. But could it be insufficient calories if my deads still increase? I'm lost to what the problem could be. Should I try 20 rep squat routine for a while and go back to SS? Or would this not help at all.

And a question out of curiosity...If someone mentions the squat/bench/dead 4 plates - what size plate are they refering to.