Hi guys,

Here's the situation. I've moved to a new city to do a masters course at university and the uni gym just sucks. Small weight-room, not enough bumper plates, no lifting platform, no power cleans allowed, no overhead pressing allowed (!?), no chalk, the usual bull****.

But it turns out the rowing and rugby teams use this other place the uni keeps quiet which has platforms, power racks and cool stuff like a reverse hyper and a glute/ham raise. I had a chat with the person who runs it and told him even though I no longer play in sports teams I still wanted to train properly and he seemed willing to let me in.

But I want people to train with, and in the standard gym today I met another strong guy doing squats who feels the same. I told him about my trip to the other place and we talked about getting a few people up there who want to train properly. People who do squats and deadlifts and are actually serious about getting stronger. Who are pissed off with standard facilities. And then if people were interested in competing we'd train for that too.

Here's where I need the advice:

  • How should I explain this to the coach at the Olympic Weights Room? He probably only wants the sports teams using it and we're just some amateurs as far as he's concerned.
  • How do I get people together? I would put an advert up but I don't want too many to get involved because we might have less chance of getting in.
  • How many people would be a good number to consistently train with? I'm thinking about 10-15 for now.

Any general advice about powerlifting crews or just groups who take strength training seriously would be great.