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Thread: First bench shirt (sizing)

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    First bench shirt (sizing)

    So I talked to the guys at Detroit Barbell about getting a shirt and they recommended I get a double ply open back rage X. Pretty simple but I'm not sure exactly what size I need. I weigh about 240 and JJ told me I would need something between like a 52 and a 56.

    I think the shirt they had me in last time was a 56 dbl open some kind of high end phenom shirt. I got 80lbs out of it but it fit "comfy" more than tight. I'm a weak baby and my best bench yet was 315 off a 2brd (should be able to hit it straight in 2-3 weeks though).

    Took some measurements unflexed and got chest 46 (edit: remeasured and I got 48), shoulders 53 or 54, and arms 17.

    I think that would put me somewhere like 53-55, but I have no idea whether I would be getting a shirt that would be impossible to touch since I suck so bad...

    Any ideas?

    Edit: I am also wondering if I would want stuff like scooped neck on the shirt, etc..? Don't want to spend the extra $$ on something that ain't gonna make much a difference, esp since it's a first shirt.
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