hi guys,

Long-time lurker first time poster.
I have a question regarding a wrist injury.

Lately, my Muay Thai class has taken a new low with the arrival of the UFC wannabes wearing their Tapout t-shirts. And to put it nicely, lets just say they horse around too much.

Anyways, during one class when we were training combination, I noticed my wrist hurt every time I did an uppercut. At first I ignored it, but after a few more upper cuts I had to stop and ask the UFC wannabe who was holding the focus pads if I was punching it right / if he was holding them right etc. Of course, he claimed that everything was fine so I continued training.

It wasn't until I slowed things down that I could see what was going on. The idiot kept forcefully slapping the focus pads down on my wrist every time I did an upper cut.

So using an analogy, instead of a car driving 50mph into a wall and causing 50mph damage, it was like having two cars driving into each other at 50 mph causing 100mph damage.

My question is probably stupid but is this a wrist sprain or a wrist fracture? My understanding of a wrist sprain is when you hyperextend your wrist ie. using your hands to brace a fall. My hands are wrapped tightly in Muay Thai so I'm pretty sure the injury was not caused by any hyperextension. My wrist was basically absorbing all the force of the impacts. Would this result in a wrist sprain?

Here is some other information:
  • There is no bruising and the pain usually occurs with a certain movement. Doing pushups are fine but if I were to bend my wrist in the other direction there would be a mild pain
  • The location of the pain seems to be on top of the wrist.
  • I started doing heavy pressing movements again (4 weeks later) and there is a mild discomfort in the radius side of my wrist.