My basketball season started, and I haven't been able to lift for about two weeks now. I already miss the gym and don't want to lose any of my gains like I did last year.
I've heard that maintaining strength is much easier than gaining it, which seems to make sense. I'm pretty sure what I read said that it only takes about 1 or 2 5-8 rep sets with 80 or so percent of your 1RM once a week. However, this was a while ago, so I did a quick search here and found a couple different answers. The main advice in what I found was to be doing a full body workout twice a week with 80-85% on 5 rep sets.

My season schedule is looking like it'll be after school practices Mon, Tues, morning practices Wed, and games Friday. This puts a bit of a restriction on when I'm able to get to the gym and recovery time.

So, what I was wondering: Would going one day a week still be effective enough to keep most of my gains for the season? and, how I should fill out that one day?

Minor secondary question: About how long does it take to see results from stretching/foam rolling every day? I'm extremely inflexible and tight at the moment, and it's more than likely having an effect on my athleticism. It'd be great to have it getting better as the season starts to pick up.

Thanks for the help!