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    These are something I haven't seen many posts about..

    I have been working out for about 6 months now, making some decent lean gains from where I used to be (legit stick). I haven't done the whole heavy bulking phase, just because i'd rather gain the weight slow and lean..

    One thing I noticed though from the bottom of my pecs and up, I have definitely added on some good mass and toned too. My abs too are a Little less showing but more "defined" since there is some actual muscle there now instead of just.... pure skinny.

    The weird thing though, it looks like my obliques are starting to stick out and I don't know if it's muscle or fattish.. but i think more on the fat side.

    I know there is no "best workout", but what exercises specifically work on these?


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    I'm not to far away from where you are, and I have noticed something similar. I have the center ab area which has gotten stronger, though covered by that thin blanket of fat, and on the sides I definitely have noticed my Obliques growing. I know its not fat because if I flex my core they become hard as a rock.
    For me I think the movements that are really building this area are squats and deadlifts... I know everyone says these exercises are the only ones worth doing, but in my case I think that is true at this point. If I don't really focus on keeping my core tight on heavy squats and deadlifts, I don't do very well, and the weight tells me by breaking down my form and causing me to fail.

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    As you keep adding weight on squats your obliques get worked harder and harder as you stabilize more weight. Just keep lifting heavier and heavier,then after 6 months or so reevaluate!
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    First of all, if your obliques actually were getting fatter, then no kind of exercise would help take that away, except loosing fat all over. That would mean you would have to stop gaining muscle and go on a fat loss "Cut".

    Second, when i was bulking my obliques grew pretty quick, which i am guessing is also happening with you. This makes them stand out more which could look like they are getting fatter, while the opposite is the case.

    There are two things you can do, you could post a picture so we could look and tell you. Or you could just keep going and worry about gaining fat less because you can take that off quite easily after you are done bulking.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LuNalicious View Post
    First of all, if your obliques actually were getting fatter, then no kind of exercise would help take that away, except loosing fat all over. That would mean you would have to stop gaining muscle and go on a fat loss "Cut".
    I agree with this. Also, if you were to start working your obliques more directly, they would stay the same or possibly get even bigger, not smaller.

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    Women like the plump obliques.

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    I work abs 3 times a week now that I am bulking. I do 3-5 sets of some type of oblique exercise almost every time I train abs. Some oblique exercises I do include bicycles, standing weighted side bends, weighted decline ab bench twists, cross crunches, hanging oblique knee raises, and side planks. Remember to use weights while training abs just as you would any other body part. Just remember that spot reduction doesn't exist so bulk clean and train heavy, you will notice gains.

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