Hello all,

I've decided to step back and rethink what I am doing. I am trying to minimize time in the gym to three days a week instead of my current four(BGB Routine). This is because I hate the gym now. When I started lifting I was at a nice gym by my house in High School, and it was a lot of fun because the people were nice as well as the equipment. However, now that I am in college I can no longer go to that gym. The university's gym is pretty rough, and I'm talking almost unsafe because some of the bars seem to be about to come apart. I found a Club Fitness beside campus, but everything it has is machines and a few free weights -- not to mention the people who workout and work there are in a whole different league of cocky pricks. So I'm looking into a three day program. I am just looking to continue bettering my overall condition. I enjoy both styles of lifting, but I would like to get your opinions on which would be better for general fitness. Also, the two things I love to see grow are shoulders and legs. Any advice would be fantastic!