Very excited to see Big Tone at Last Man Standing meet this weekend. I believe he's going to SUPRIZE himself. It wasn't the best training cycles due to shirt issues and handoff guys switching around , but I have seen him before over come these types of issues. He always steps his game up on the platform!
Also have another training partner(jay jay) hit a full raw meet. His numbers are getting better and better every week! Should be a great meet for him!

I am 4 weeks out from injury. Pain isn't bad on daily bases. Shoulder hurts day after squatting and all strength and comfort is gone on bench. Very unbalanced! That being said I am going to compete raw again in November. Not sure which meet yet I have 2 choices it's between Rps nov 3 or iron sport nov 10. Crew will help me decide. Oh well, it's a day to day struggle mostly on the mental side. Trying to stay positive.