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Thread: Starting Strength Additions?

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    Starting Strength Additions?

    Hello everyone,

    I've been on the forums for a while now, but have never posted.
    I've been lifting on and off for about a year, but recently took a long trip and lifting wasn't a must-do for me.

    I've never really followed a routine or program while lifting, but I've decided to get serious and have revamped my diet, and worked on my form for my lifts.

    Now for my question, I've decided to use the Starting strength program and was wondering if there was anything i could do during the days between the 2 workouts?

    Heres an example in case i didn't make sense:

    Monday: Workout A
    Tuesday: Off
    Wednesday: Workout B
    Thursday: Off
    Friday: Workout A
    Saturday: Off
    Sunday: Off

    I would like to work out at least two additional days during the week, but i dont really know what workouts i can add that wouldn't have a negative impact to the starting strength program or overwork my muscles.

    Any input would be a great help


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    I have been doing starting strength now for a few weeks. I have found that as the weight increases, the need for the off days also increases. So... right now you may want to add in more exercise, but in a few weeks you will be glad the routine is set up the way it is.
    I have decided to do chins and rows after the other movements are done, but I'm not sure how long I will continue to do them with the weight increasing every workout. Chins seem to happen at various times during the day.

    The thing that I have found the most beneficial between workouts is form work. I practice squats and hang cleans with light weight on off days and it helps keep me loose and my form seem to also be improving the more I work on it.

    Edit* before SS I was doing Ham curls, leg extensions, various types of curls, and everything was lighter then what ss requires. At this point the thought of doing leg extensions after squatting makes laugh. and doing a bunch of curls after bench and deads also is funny.
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    Stretching and foam rolling.

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    The only thing I would do on off days is relax and eat. That's how you grow and get stronger.

    If you MUST add stuff to your off days, you could go for an easy walk, do some stretching, and maybe work on your abs and grip. I wouldn't do much more than that as far as exercise goes, you'll have your hands full just recovering from all the squats you'll be doing.

    <edit> oh look, you got two answers that were about the same in the time it took me to type it </edit>
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