Hey guys,
Glad I found this site. A little about me. I am 6ft even and weigh in at 258 pounds at 30 years old. Max bench is 375 to 380 but have been at this point for a long time and just can't seem to break it. I have switched up my training from repping 275 for 4-5 sets of 10 to doing 315 for 5 for 4-5 sets along with doing incline bench, dumbells and cables. I still just can't seem to break past that point. Am I to a natural max point? I don't squat heavy because I grew up at a ski resort where I would ski in the summer and mountain bike in the winter, so the legs and butt are something I would prefer not to put any size on. Do I need to be squating heavy to get better gains, or can I just stick with light weight and high reps.