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Thread: Doing work! My road to 2011 World Championships.

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    Doing work! My road to 2011 World Championships.

    Background Story

    About 2 1/2 years ago I was at my heaviest and fattest. Years of eating too much and a severe lack of exercise led to this state. I was 295lbs ~35-40% body fat.

    Here I am a few months into my Journey ~275lbs ~33-35% Bodyfat

    6 Months later I was ~245-250lbs

    Here I am Oct 1st 2008. This is when I started my prep log in the contest prep section after discovering the Natural Bodybuilding scene. ~235lbs

    Feb 24th 2009 ~215lbs

    May 9th 2009 ~24 weeks out 208lbs

    July 2009 ~15-16 Weeks out Starting to look like a bodybuilder 195lbs

    Show Day 173lbs

    For 1000's of pics and details of how it went down over the past year check out my old prep log Road to the 2009 INBF WORLD CHAMPS

    So now that you have some background for most of you that haven't followed along during my prep my name is Paul. I'm 22 years old and after deciding I no longer wanted to be obese I set forth a goal to compete in my first Bodybuilding show. This decision was made on Nov 1st 2008 and I stepped on stage 53 weeks later at the OCB NYS Natural in Syracuse NY and took 2nd in the Novice and 4th in Open middleweights. It was a warm up show. I did a proper peak week the following week before competing at the 2009 INBF/WNBF World Championships where I did not place but looked my best ever, by far. It was a successful season and I have been bitten by the bodybuilding bug.

    I learned a lot from the experience, made many friends through this site, and changed my life completely. Now its time to attack the next phase with the right mindset and make it a long and rewarding road to the 2011 competitive season.

    I want fellow competitors fearing my presence at shows in 2011. This means giving myself 60 weeks to grow. Followed by prep potentially starting Jan 8th 2011

    In the next 60 weeks I would like to

    -Gain 15-20lbs of stage weight. This is going to be a tough one and a lot of the naysayers will cry impossible. I will prove you wrong
    -Get much stronger. I have been a weak lil bitch far too long.
    -Improve my big weaknesses for the 2011 season. This includes but is not limited to CHEST, lats, delts, legs, and traps.
    -Compete in a RAW powerlifting meet
    -Get my big 3 to a respectable 1300+lbs (Currently ~1000)
    -Not get too fat.
    -Gain a solid 40lbs

    Plan of Attack

    Lets start of with some fun starting stats. We all know everyone loves these lol.

    Height - 5' 11.5"
    Weight ~175lbs
    BF- 5%
    Waist - 29"
    Chest - 43"
    Hips - 32"
    Quad - 22.5"
    Arm - 15"
    Calf - 14.5"

    Max Bench 225 x 6
    Max Squat 275 x 8
    Max DL 315 x 6

    Reverse Diet Plan

    Estimated Maintenance Cals - 2100-2200

    Starting Metabolic Rehab Macros
    55/250/200 2300 Cals Week 1
    55/250/200 2300 Cals Week 2
    55/275/200 2400 Cals Week 3
    As weight gains stall add in 25g CHO or 10g Fat, 2 carb bumps for every fat bump.
    1 Bump/Week Max, meaning the earliest I should be back at ~3500 calories/day is Jan 21st or so.


    60 weeks will be divided into 6, 8-9 week phases with a week of deload in between each.

    Top Secret
    Max OT
    3 on/1 off High Freq/Low Volume
    FST-7/Doggcrapp Hybrid

    420 days starting TODAY to get work done and build a physique that will leave the judges with no doubts all while getting blazed.
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