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Thread: Not Cutting or Bulking... Cheat Days Still?

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    Not Cutting or Bulking... Cheat Days Still?

    So previously I was at a slight deficit, but since I'm 5'11" 169lbs... it was brought to my attention that I probably don't really need to lose weight. That said, I'm probably around 20% BF, mostly in the gut, so my plan is to eat such that I can burn that fat while either maintaining or slightly increasing muscle mass.

    Long story short, I'm planning to eat clean at a calorically neutral amount... cycling between 2200 and 2500 kcal per day.

    Given it's not a deficit or a surplus... are cheat days/meals still warranted or keep away? The goal would be to still keep my metabolism "off balance".

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    A cheat day every 1.5-2 weeks would be fine depending on how fast you wanna lose the weight. Just dont do crazy and eat an excessive amount of calories on your cheat day.
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    An occasional cheat day (once a week or every two weeks) on any diet is fine. Don't go crazy, but fit them in for your sanity.

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    Makes sense. And on your cheat days, do you guys prefer to eat the same healthy food and just more of it, or are you eating things you wouldn't normally put into your mouth on a non-cheat day?

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