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    Feedback on Diet Plan (Cutting)

    New here, but would love some feedback on my diet plan based on my goals.

    I'm 5'10ish, 169 lbs. I used to think I was skinny fat, but my gut has gotten pretty big over the last 2 years, so lately I'm less skinny and more fat. Still have skinny legs and average arms, chest, and face... most of the weight is really in the gut.

    22% body fat (measured using calipers on the side of the gut), looking to get down to 14/15% by June 2010 (even lower, if you guys think it's possible)

    Would love to add muscle in the timeframe too, but am confused on whether I should plan out surplus/deficit cycles to accomplish this, or just workout while at a slight deficit with a high protein diet


    - Just as a general calculation, I projected my steady-state metabolic rate to be ~2400/kcal per day (assuming minimal activity, which isn't really so true anymore). So I've been shooting for 2200 kcal/day as my diet (sound about right?). Should I be varying this based on workout/rest days (i.e., 2500-2600 on weight training days, and 2000-2100 on rest days)?

    Macro breakdown:

    - ~200g protein (37%) / ~200g carbs (37%) / ~60g fat (25%)


    - Protein sources are non-fat yogurt, 1% cottage cheese, plain grilled chicken, Boar's Head roast beef/turkey (occasionally), eggs (including yolk), sashimi, grilled salmon (occasionally), whey protein shakes (with 1% milk)

    - Carb sources are mostly fruit, veggies, sprouted whole grain bread, wheat bread from Subway (occasionally), whole wheat pasta (occasionally), some pure honey for the yogurt, various simple carbs for post-workout

    - Fat sources are peanut butter, eggs, raw cashews/almonds, avocado (occassionally in salad), extra virgin olive oil (when cooking 2-3x per week), 2 tbsp fish oil 3 days/week (trying to increase to 7 days/week)

    - Take a multi, 1000mg Vit C, and 2000 IU Vit D every day, along with the 2 tbsp fish oil 3x/wk

    - Easily drink 10-12 8oz glasses of water per day... more if it's a workout day

    - Used to drink 10-16 drinks (mostly beer) per week, spread out like 3-5 during the week, and then 7-11 on one weekends, mostly in one night plus at a bar watching football on Sundays... I've cut that out to be down to 2-3 drinks per week max

    - I'm out of town living in a hotel 4 days every week, so ability to cook and shop is somewhat limited, that's why I only cook 2-3x/week. I do have access to a supermarket near my hotel that has a good selection, and can always bring non-perishables from home.


    - Weight train 3x/week (variation of Starting Strength, with no cleans or deadlifts, and some isolation tri/bi stuff added in instead). Long story, but I'm limited in how "hard" I can hit the gym for a while due to a back injury (2 herniated discs). Sessions usually 30-40 min, moderately strenuous

    - HIIT once (moving up to twice) per week. Right now, just on the elliptical or stationary bike, but looking to incorporate outdoor sprints, hill sprrints, etc. Sessions usually 15-20 min including warm-up/cool-down

    Pre-/Post-Workout Nutrition:

    - Try to have a smallish balanced meal about 60-90 min before gym, 18g protein shake with 1% milk 30 min before, then 18g protein shake with 48g carbs of honey post-workout (or 48g carb Frosted Mini Wheats, if I can't find honey), and then a high protein meal 1-2 hrs later

    Overall Goal:

    My goal is to have a lean, cut body by next summer. Not looking to be huge, but muscle defintion is definitely important (i.e., I wouldn't consider it a success if I got down to low body fat, but looked like a feeble marathon runner).

    Let me know if it's more helpful to give a typical week of meals (i.e., day-by-day) to get a better idea of how I'm eating and what I need to change. I keep a pretty good log so I can pull up a typical week if it helps.

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    Is this the right place to post this question? Or is this even a valid question to post?

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    Hey Kramer,

    Yep, it is the right place but sometimes threads go unanswered and a bump from the original poster normally does the trick (as it did here!).

    The first thing that sticks out is that you are cutting when you are 5,10 and 169lbs. Now, I know you might think you are fat and need to lose the weight but at that height and weight, even though you need to lean up, normally a drastic cut is not the right option. You can normally get away with maintaining weight or even adding weight and leaning up along the way in my opinion. I guess my main point is don't have it set in your head you need to lose x lbs. It might not be that straight forward in your case.. You can probably not change weight much or go up a bit and look bigger and leaner come next summer.

    It's all going to come down to the diet - sticking to a total amount of calories and making wise food choices.

    I would just pick calorie total amount and stick with it for a few weeks. More calories on a training day is smart, try and use carbohydrates to up the amount as you are going to find these more useful on a training day for energy.

    2500 for training days and 2200 for non training days is a good start and co-incidentally exactly what I am on! I would give it a solid 8 weeks on those totals and then use the scales and mirror to decide how to change things going forward.

    Your macros also look good.

    As for the food choices.. It all looks good again.. Don't be afraid to add in sources that may not typically be the leanest choice. As long as you are hitting your totals and macros, that's the most important thing.

    A good strategy for the out of town eating is before you go away, try and bring some stuff with you. I don't mean you have to be stuck in your room eating tuna out of a tupaware, but use protein shakes and bars to help you out and perhaps make up some lunches which you know are going to hit your numbers. Then in the evenings, eat out and just be mindful of what you are ordering. With the right planning you should be able to hit your totals and macros and remember that the difference between 90% and 100% results wise is marginal compared to 80 and 90%.

    Training looks spot on.

    Everything looks pretty good, I would recommend creating a journal too - its a huge help as people comment and give advice along the way and it helps keep you accountable.

    Good luck!


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    Thanks so much for the response... lots of good info in there.

    The first thing that sticks out is that you are cutting when you are 5,10 and 169lbs. Now, I know you might think you are fat and need to lose the weight but at that height and weight, even though you need to lean up, normally a drastic cut is not the right option. You can normally get away with maintaining weight or even adding weight and leaning up along the way in my opinion.
    I'm glad you brought this up, because it is honestly a topic I am confused on. I actually don't have any goal for my weight. If it increases a little, fine. If it decreases a little, fine. I'm much more worried about BF% and lean muscle mass (in short, how I look in the mirror). I didn't think that I would be able to effectively get rid of belly fat if I was on a calorically neutral diet. Granted, I am eating MUCH cleaner and now working out regularly, but I still thought my BF% might stay the same if I don't adjust calories.

    So you suggest cycling between 2200 and 2500 on rest/training days. May I ask about your stats since you say this is the same plan you are on? Just wanted to compare weight, height, BF% if you don't mind sharing. Also, do you carb cycle between the rest/workout days also or just keep your macro ratios the same all week?

    One other question... since I was previously doing a slight deficit, I would typically throw some cheat meals into the mix. Now that I'm calorically neutral, do those go out the door? Or is it fine to tweak it to like 2100/2400 or 2000/2300 in order to build up some calories for a cheat meal?

    I think I'll take your advice and stick to something for 8 weeks and see the results. If it's ineffective, I really want to try some heavy carb cycling, or not eating carbs after 5pm, or lowering carbs overall throughout the day just to explore the possibility that I might be overly carb sensitive.

    My new goal for the next 3 months is to go hardcore at my back rehab workouts to get that in check, and continue with my normal workouts and diet. Then, starting on March 1st, I really wanna give P90X a try and see if I can make it through. If I can, I figure by June 1st, I'll have the body I want for the summer (and then of course I'd maintain it... not just fall off the wagon).

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    As a frame of reference, I found my body type to be very similar to this guy (and our stats seem pretty close too). This really embodies the whole skinny mostly everywhere except for the huge gut look. I'm much younger than him and probably have a bit more lean muscle mass as a starting point (arms, shoulders, chest), but it should give you a good frame of reference.

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