New here, but would love some feedback on my diet plan based on my goals.

I'm 5'10ish, 169 lbs. I used to think I was skinny fat, but my gut has gotten pretty big over the last 2 years, so lately I'm less skinny and more fat. Still have skinny legs and average arms, chest, and face... most of the weight is really in the gut.

22% body fat (measured using calipers on the side of the gut), looking to get down to 14/15% by June 2010 (even lower, if you guys think it's possible)

Would love to add muscle in the timeframe too, but am confused on whether I should plan out surplus/deficit cycles to accomplish this, or just workout while at a slight deficit with a high protein diet


- Just as a general calculation, I projected my steady-state metabolic rate to be ~2400/kcal per day (assuming minimal activity, which isn't really so true anymore). So I've been shooting for 2200 kcal/day as my diet (sound about right?). Should I be varying this based on workout/rest days (i.e., 2500-2600 on weight training days, and 2000-2100 on rest days)?

Macro breakdown:

- ~200g protein (37%) / ~200g carbs (37%) / ~60g fat (25%)


- Protein sources are non-fat yogurt, 1% cottage cheese, plain grilled chicken, Boar's Head roast beef/turkey (occasionally), eggs (including yolk), sashimi, grilled salmon (occasionally), whey protein shakes (with 1% milk)

- Carb sources are mostly fruit, veggies, sprouted whole grain bread, wheat bread from Subway (occasionally), whole wheat pasta (occasionally), some pure honey for the yogurt, various simple carbs for post-workout

- Fat sources are peanut butter, eggs, raw cashews/almonds, avocado (occassionally in salad), extra virgin olive oil (when cooking 2-3x per week), 2 tbsp fish oil 3 days/week (trying to increase to 7 days/week)

- Take a multi, 1000mg Vit C, and 2000 IU Vit D every day, along with the 2 tbsp fish oil 3x/wk

- Easily drink 10-12 8oz glasses of water per day... more if it's a workout day

- Used to drink 10-16 drinks (mostly beer) per week, spread out like 3-5 during the week, and then 7-11 on one weekends, mostly in one night plus at a bar watching football on Sundays... I've cut that out to be down to 2-3 drinks per week max

- I'm out of town living in a hotel 4 days every week, so ability to cook and shop is somewhat limited, that's why I only cook 2-3x/week. I do have access to a supermarket near my hotel that has a good selection, and can always bring non-perishables from home.


- Weight train 3x/week (variation of Starting Strength, with no cleans or deadlifts, and some isolation tri/bi stuff added in instead). Long story, but I'm limited in how "hard" I can hit the gym for a while due to a back injury (2 herniated discs). Sessions usually 30-40 min, moderately strenuous

- HIIT once (moving up to twice) per week. Right now, just on the elliptical or stationary bike, but looking to incorporate outdoor sprints, hill sprrints, etc. Sessions usually 15-20 min including warm-up/cool-down

Pre-/Post-Workout Nutrition:

- Try to have a smallish balanced meal about 60-90 min before gym, 18g protein shake with 1% milk 30 min before, then 18g protein shake with 48g carbs of honey post-workout (or 48g carb Frosted Mini Wheats, if I can't find honey), and then a high protein meal 1-2 hrs later

Overall Goal:

My goal is to have a lean, cut body by next summer. Not looking to be huge, but muscle defintion is definitely important (i.e., I wouldn't consider it a success if I got down to low body fat, but looked like a feeble marathon runner).

Let me know if it's more helpful to give a typical week of meals (i.e., day-by-day) to get a better idea of how I'm eating and what I need to change. I keep a pretty good log so I can pull up a typical week if it helps.