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Thread: Bench PRess Shoulder Injury

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    Bench PRess Shoulder Injury

    Hey, I was wondering if anyone could help me out with this. Last week on Monday, (11/9) I started my normal bench workout (3-4 sets of 8). I was sort of in a hurry, so I didn't get to warm up that good. After about 6 reps in the first set, my left shoulder began to hurt severely. I didn't hear a pop or anything like that. I finished the set, but was in a lot of pain. I haven't been able to bench at all since then. It's been about 8 days, and whenever i push up on the bar to get it off the rack, it still hurts bad. I've stretched a lot, but I don't seem to be getting better. I really want to bench again soon, because my school's weightlifting season is coming up quickly. So any help would be much appreciated. Thanks

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    Have you iced the shoulder?

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    Ice? Ibuprofen??
    How much weigh was on the bar as well?

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    The first thing that I'd say is to find a good Orthopede and let him check out your shoulder. It may be something minor or it may not but I'll guarantee you that a doc is going to be able to diagnose it and advise much more effectively than will a bunch of morons on some internet forum.

    Hope it gets better soon though, I'm just now getting back to the gym for the first time since June because of a nasty shoulder issue.

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    sounds like like a slight strain or sprain depending on what was involved. Ice and ibuprofen will tell you wether or not it is severely inflammed or enough to be worried. Take some time off and see if it helps while you're waiting to see someone. Test your ROM and see if it's effect. If not it's probably not that bad. If it's compromised or it is very painful to move through the shoulders multi-axial range then I would suggest seeing someone just to be on the safe side. Happened to me last year. Just some time off and dropping down the weights with ALOT of warmup has kept me injury free.

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