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Thread: Lactose Intolerant

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    Lactose Intolerant

    What are the symptoms of being lactose intolerant? I've noticed that right after eating dairy, like ice cream or anything I get sharp pains in my stomach for a while and then it passes. It's sorta like little sharp needles poking me. I was wondering if this was anything associated with the dairy or not? Maybe it's something else, it doesn't happen everytime, but I notice it only after certain types of foods.

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    mostly the symptoms include getting the runs, lots of gas (this could be where your sharp pain is comming from....the gas expanding, pressuring your stomach), and some people do get nauscious

    might be some other symptoms, but those are the ones that i know of

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    Those sound about right. I am, and I almost have to completely elminate dairy from my diet otherwise I'll be one the toilet all day long. If you have to have dairy, then get some Lactaid or something to help you digest. If I don't have any then I steer clear of the milk and stuff.
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    Is there different degrees of lactose intolerance? like can you be half intolerant?
    cause I never get stomach pains after dairy foods, but once in a while get the slight runs or gas after eating some cottage cheese.
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    lactose intolerence means u can't digest lactose. eat yogurt as a control, cuz it's dairy but doesn't have lactose, and see if u are lactose intolerent or sth else
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    I don't think that there is one person on this planet that is completely lactose intolerant. Lactose intolerance is a result of low amounts of the digestive enzyme, lactonase. The more dairy you consume the lower your intolerance becomes. Most people can who are relatively lactose intolerant can still consume most full fat cheeses and yougurt. You can always go buy some lactonase. This should get rid of just about an intolerance.

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    to agree with what logo said, last time i cut, i completeley cut out dairy(cuz i was dumb) for over a month, when i started drinking milk again, i got pain and gas etc, like freakin crazy, but after slowly increasing milk, I eventually got up to over 10 cups a day with no problem at all. Anyway.
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