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Thread: question on cou ting calories

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    question on cou ting calories

    i was reading one of the articles on how to calculate your daily caloric intake and had a question. it says 1 g protein = 4 kcal, 1 g fat = 9 kcal, 1 g carb = 4 kcal. my question is in this in addition to the calories already listed on the nutrition facts?

    for example if i have one slice of deli sliced american cheese, its 45 cal, 4 g protein, 6 g fat. so when calculating my calories for this, it would be 45 + (4 x 4) + (6 x 9) = 115 kcal

    is that right? if its not can someone clarify. thanks

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    no. you are double count. Try using a site like or Enter your foods and let them count the cals for you.
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    As cphafner said, you're double counting there.

    That slice of cheese for example has 45kcal; that's it. Simple.

    The protein and fat amount just gives you a break down, so you know what those 45kcal are 'made' of.

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    ah okay got it. thanks guys.

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