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Thread: Hybrids are a waste of money

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    Hybrids are a waste of money

    So I just did the math on a Hybrid and have come to the conclusion that are an utter waste of money. Here's the math

    A Ford Fusion will get a combined MPG of 28.5 SEL

    A Ford Fusion Hybrid (which is an SEL fusion with a Hybrid engine) will get 38.5

    Assuming $4 a gallon which at the moment it isn't but favors the Hybrid at those numbers.

    For every 1,000 miles speaking strictly along the lines of average the SEL will cost you $140 to run.

    The Hybrid will cost you $105 to run.

    So what are the prices? Well first off we won't even talk about rebates or discounts because on the Fusion they are about $3,000 on the Hybrid $500 instead focus PURELY on base price.

    The base price of a SEL in my system is about 23.6

    The Base price of a Hybrid is 26.8

    Now remember there are big rebates on a 2010 Fusion too, but none really on the Hybrid.

    That's a cost difference of $3,200 at a savings of $35 per 1,000 miles your going have to own that Hybrid for 91,420 miles.

    Adjusting the figures to the average national price of $2.80 it'd take you 123,000 miles.

    So do us a favor and don't jump on the Hybrid bangwagon cause it just don't make any sense.

    Taking into account current rebate that pushes the figure up to the 200,000 mile mark.
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