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Thread: Chest Press Machine

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    Chest Press Machine

    I know that free weights are preferable so don't flame me for asking this question. Unfortunately, due to a recent shoulder injury, I'm in the process of building my bench up to what it use to be. I was thinking that using the chest press machine to do a few sets (i.e. 3-5 rep max) with a very heavy setting would somewhat make up for my inability to go heavy on bench at the present. Obviously its not going to work the supporting muscles and when I can bench heavy again I will, I'm just wondering if it would add any benefit (i.e.: some strength/size) or if I should just leave it out)?

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    Assuming that it would not further your injury, it would be beneficial.
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    It will definitely be better than nothing until you can bench press again.

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    As long as it feels comfortable. Some machines can lock your joints into an unnatural plane of movement which can actually cause more injury.
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